We're live. November 07 2012

After months of prep and product development. We're finally popping. We're certainly excited to get it out in the world so others can get in on the fun.

Here's what we think you'll like about POP Greetings when you're giving wine as a gift:

Fun intended. Pop Greetings have way more personality (just like you) than a gift bag or your standard greeting card.

How novel. A gift recipient will remember getting wine with this card, because there’s nothing like it in the marketplace.

Simple. This card alleviates the need for bag, tissue paper and a card. It’s gift wrap without all the fuss.

Convenient. Forgot a gift? Grab a bottle of wine off of your rack, pop a card on it. Voila!

We hope you all dig it. The card line will continue to expand in the near future. So check back often. Also, as we get into more retailers we'll be certain to post where you can get your hands on POP Greetings cards.